Journal articles

“Polycentric Banking and Macroeconomic Stability”, Business and Politics, forthcoming (with Alex Salter) [SSRN]

“Why Hayek Matters? The Epistemic Dimension of Comparative Institutional Analysis”, Advances in Austrian Economics, forthcoming (with Peter Boettke and Paul Dragos Aligica)

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“From ‘Broad Studies’ to Internet-based ‘Expert Knowledge Aggregation’. Notes on the methodology and technology of knowledge integration” (2011), Futures 43(9): 986-995 (with Dragos Paul Aligica) [PDF]

Book chapters

“The Evolution of Governance Structures in a Polycentric System”, in Handbook of Behavioral Economics and Smart Decision-Making: Rational Decision-Making within the Bounds of Reason, Ed. Morris Altman (Edward Elgar Publishing) (with Edward McPhail) [SSRN]

“Firm Internationalization in Transition Economic Systems: A Public Choice Approach. Insights from a Romanian Case Study”, in Internationalization of Firms from Economies in Transition: The Effects of a Politico-Economic Paradigm Shift (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014) with Dragos Paul Aligica. [link]

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“Evolutionary Psychology and Political Philosophy” in New Trends in Political Economy [in Romanian] edited by Ionut Sterpan and Dragos Paul Aligica (Humanitas, Bucharest, 2011). [link]

“The Critique of Psychiatry” in New Trends in Political Economy [in Romanian] edited by Ionut Sterpan and Dragos Paul Aligica (Humanitas, Bucharest, 2011). [link]

Book reviews

“Randall G. Holcombe’s Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics” (2016), The Independent Review, 20(4) [link].

“Lawrence H. White’s The Clash of Economic Ideas: The Great Policy Debates and Experiments of the Past Hundred Years” (2013), Economic Affairs Magazine (Autumn): 42. [link]

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