I‘ve worked or I’m currently working on various papers and projects with the following:

Paul Dragos Aligica, Mercatus Center

Peter Boettke, George Mason University, Economics Department

Anthony Evans, ESCP Europe Business School, Economics Department

Andrew Farrant, Dickinson College, Economics Department

Santiago José Gangotena, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Colegio de Administración y Economia

Jayme Lemke, Mercatus Center

Mark Lutter, Charter Cities Institute

Ed McPhail, Dickinson College, Economics Department

Lotta Moberg, Dynamic Allocations Strategies team at William Blair

Christine Ngo, Bucknell University, Economics Department

Olga Nicoara, Ursinus College, Department of Business and Economics

Kyle O’Donnell, Charles Koch Foundation

Alex Salter, Texas Tech University, Rawls College of Business

Ryan Safner, Hood College, Economics Department

Edella Schlager, University of Arizona, School of Government & Public Policy