Public Governance and the Classical Liberal Perspective

Modern Political Economy Foundations

Co-authored with Paul Dragos Aligica and Peter J. Boettke, forthcoming at Oxford University Press.



Part I: A Distinctive Perspective on Governance: The Building Blocks

Chapter 1: Classical Liberalism: Delineating Its Theory of Governance

Chapter 2: Function, Structure, and Process at the Private–Public Interface

Chapter 3: Dynamic Governance: The Polycentrism Process and Knowledge Processes

Part II: Public Choice and Public Administration: The Confluence

Chapter 4: Public Administration and Public Choice: Charting the Field

Chapter 5: Public Choice, Public Administration, and Self-Governance: The Ostromian Confluence

Chapter 6: Heterogeneity, Coproduction, and Polycentric Governance: The Ostroms’ Public Choice Institutionalism Revisited

Part III: Framing the Applied Level: Themes, Issue Areas, and Cases

Chapter 7: Metropolitan Governance: Polycentric Solutions for Complex Problems

Chapter 8: Independent Regulatory Agencies and Their Reform: An Exercise in Institutional Imagination

Chapter 9: Polycentric Stakeholder Analysis: Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Conclusions: Governance and Public Management: A Vindication of the Classical-Liberal Perspective?